• FANUC AC SERVO Model BiS22/2000, ST, KEY, 24v BRK (A06B0085B503)
  • Manufacturer: FANUC Servo
  • Series: A06B-00
  • This A06B-0085-B503 may qualify for our exchange for credit program.

Shipping and Order Information

  • Go Green! Inquire about exchanging your faulty A06B-0085-B503 for credit when ordering from CNC Center
  • MRO can usually ship in stock items same day before 4 PM EST for no extra cost and before 6 PM with a rush fee
  • Shipping options vary by location. Call for an accurate quote.

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Warranty Info

  • A06B-0085-B503 Warranty: 1 Year for new, remanufactured or repair

More Info on the A06B-0085-B503

CNCCenter.com can repair your A06B-0085-B503 or exchange for quick turnaround. We can also supply the following revisions: A06B-0085-B503#0100, A06B-0085-B503. This A06B-00 series unit New, Remanufactured or Repaired is fully warranted by CNC Center. Installation Tip #46 - Before turning on the power switch, check the polarity of the motor cable and T. G. feedback signal connections. Rotate the motor shaft clockwise by hands and check the voltage between terminals Tl-5, 6 and Tl-7, 8 and between CH2 to CH3 (GND) 0,0